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HTC Desire 728 Mobile Repair

HTC Desire 728 Mobile Repair Service

HTC Service Center in Chennai have technicians that are highly trained in HTC Desire 728 repairs. Using our expertise, the professional HTC Desire 728 repairs we carry out are to the highest standard. We only use quality reliable parts and our team of technicians are capable of repairing most HTC Desire 728 faults. If it cannot be fixed we will be happy to discuss the options of trading in your broken device for a new one or a reconditioned one. We pride ourselves on customer service and the engineer allocated to your repair will always keep you informed of the status of your repair, and if necessary contact you with further options.

Most Repair Parts:
  • HTC Desire 728 Screen Broken
  • HTC Desire 728 Battery Problem
  • HTC Desire 728 Speaker Problem
  • HTC Desire 728 Microphone Problem
  • HTC Desire 728 Charging Port Problem
  • HTC Desire 728 Sim Tray Problem
  • HTC Desire 728 Auto Restart Problem
  • HTC Desire 728 Home/Volume Button Problem
  • HTC Desire 728 Headphone Jack Problem
  • HTC Desire 728 Headphone Jack Problem

HTC Desire 728 Broken Screen Replacement

The screen, LCD, display, front glass or digitizer of HTC Desire 728 can be broken, smashed, cracked, or damaged by water, liquid or fluid ingress. The output of the HTC Desire 728 will become either non functional or non understandable. The screen may encounter a fault due to an accident drop or uneven pressure on it. If any of such issues arises with your HTC, a repair or replacement becomes necessary. Our technicians have the skills to manage all LCD faults with expertise and accuracy by using genuine parts for replacement.

htc Desire 728 broken display, htc Desire 728 screen repair

  • HTC Desire 728 Battery Replacement in Chennai

    The fully charged battery of HTC Desire 728 provides a standby support of Up to 391 h (2G) / Up to 402 h (3G) and talk time of Up to 25 h 20 min (2G) / Up to 21 h 50 min (3G) that much life is enough to support the workout of the smartphone. But what to do if the smartphone is not providing that much working life? The reason can be a non-charging battery or rapidly draining and discharging the battery. In both the cases, one reason could be a weak battery and it needs a replacement. The fixation by an expert technician is recommended and such standard of services are available only at our HTC service center in Chennai.

  • HTC Desire 728 Water Damage Reset

    The handy nature and features of today’s mobile phones have forced the user to accompany their smartphone with them. In these situations, the Smartphone remain under continuous threat of damage. The same is with HTC Desire 728 and most prominent damage is water ingress, liquid intrusion or fluid damage. It may cause a damaged LCD, now working screen, faulty front glass, burnt battery or defective speakers and buttons. The importance of qualified and experienced technician becomes more compulsory in water damages and Mycelcare has got such technicians that use standardized methods, tools, and equipment to fix such faults.

  • HTC Desire 728 Charging Port Replacement in Chennai

    The charging port or dock connector of HTC Desire 728 is used to charge the battery or to connect with a USB port. This charging connector can be damaged due to water infection, liquid ingress or fluid leakage in it. The use of loose charging connector, dust or dropping on the floor may also cause this fault. In case of such faults, the smartphone may deny charging or poor connectivity. Our technicians can fix such faults with great skills and passion. Our service center is committed to using OEM parts for replacement.

  • HTC Desire 728 Software Faults

    Almost all HTC smartphones operate on an operating system. Moreover, it also has many software applications to support the requirements of the users. Due to connectivity with the internet and frequent installation and un-installation of software sometimes results in a ghost behavior. The tempering and non-technical attempts to resolve the issue can result in peak depression and irreparable faults. Our technicians are professional and experts to manage the diverse issues of HTC U11/U11+.

  • HTC Desire 728 Microphone Faults

    The microphone or mic is used from the sender side to send voice to the receiver’s earphone. This microphone of HTC Desire 728 may get affected by water damage, liquid intrusion or fluid ingress. Other causes are dust infection or dropping on the floor. The fault may result in no sender voice or broken voice. Our team of expert technicians can pinpoint the fault readily and can repair or replace the damaged parts with a genuine one.

  • HTC Desire 728 Speaker Faults

    The smartphone like HTC Desire 728 is also used for play games and listen to music. For games and music volume in the upper level is liked. This cannot be enjoyed if loudspeakers are damaged. This fault may happen due to water infection, liquid ingress or fluid intrusion. The loudspeaker may spoil by dust, continuous listening in high pitch voice or dropping on the floor. Our technicians at service center can fix all errors of the loudspeaker.

  • HTC Desire 728 Earpiece Faults

    The speaker used to listen to the conversation on the receiver side is the earphone. The earphone of HTC Desire 728 can be damaged by water ingress, liquid intrusion or fluid insertion. Another cause may be dust or tumbling on the floor. A fixable earpiece means either no voice is received or broken voice has listened. Our technicians are able enough to spot the fault and its cause. Our service center is committed to make the repair or replace by using genuine components.

  • HTC Desire 728 Rear Camera Faults

    In the past phones were just a messaging and calling device. But with the passage of time listening music, playing games and capturing memorable moments have become major utility. We would say that with a non operational or poorly functional camera the HTC Desire 728 seems boring. If the camera of HTC Desire 728 is not justifying a 13 MP resolution, do not worry. Our technician can sort the problem within a working day. Our usage of OEM products are our distinctions.

  • HTC Desire 728 Power Button Faults

    If the power button of HTC Desire 728 does not respond how will you turn it on or off? You may come with multiple solutions but none of them will be a proper replacement of power button. Therefore it must be repaired or replaced as soon as it starts uneven behavior. The power button may be defective due to water ingress or liquid intrusion. Another cause is dropping in the floor. Our the service center promises to use genuine parts for repair and replace.